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The needs of Buyers, Sellers, and Agents are continually changing but for decades the Real Estate industry has stubbornly remained conventionally unchanged. Whereas Rinker Realty has pulled out of the quagmire of stagnation and has been successful in revolutionizing the way clients are served and agents compensated. Flexibility and control are the keys to success.

The inefficiencies that manifest themselves in a conventional Real Estate franchise model are costly, continually disappointing customers and agents alike. Identifying compensation as the main culprit in the way Real Estate transactions work, Rinker Realty developed a dramatic, wide-reaching, and positive effectual change to the system.

Rinker Realty delivers a better product with better services. Their innovative method gives customers exactly what they desire. And because you are in control, you will earn more for your expertise than at any other realty firm in the industry.

  • In-House Title Company
  • $0 Monthly Dues / Flat Fee Commission Structure
  • Premium Recognized Name Brand
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance Included
  • Your Listings Syndicated on Major Search Portals
  • Listings Belong to the Agent
  • Set Your Own Fees For Service
  • Receive Commissions at closing
  • Full-Time Broker Support, After-Hours Support
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Never Need to Come to the Office
  • No Franchise Fees, No Hidden Fees
  • No Monthly Sales Quota
  • No Required Floor Time or Meetings
  • No Pressure Environment
  • No Surprises!

Rinker Realty developed the most dynamic and effective office system for Real Estate Agents to conduct business and service their clients. By providing our Real Estate Agents with all the desired support they need gives our agents freedom to run their business in the manner they deem best. This flexibility serves to promote the most motivated client-focused agents and gives the ability for agents to serve their client’s best interests without reference to any fixed company percentage pricing standard, and you have just discovered the definition of one big beautiful “win-win” situation.

Please review some additional information on these pages. For additional insight into Rinker Realty’s unique Career Opportunities feel free to call Rinker Realty, at (561) 623-0131 to confidentially discuss your potential.

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