100% Commission Real Estate

South Florida Real Estate Brokers

Finding a job in the real estate world isn’t always as easy as it looks. Once you start researching the market, you’ll find multiple South Florida real estate brokers operating within the state. Before you call any of those other offices or submit a single job application, find out why you should work for Rinker Realty. As one of the top real estate offices in the state of Florida, the office offers everything you could want or need. While you can take your business to other brokers, Rinker offers 100% commission real estate and other benefits for brokers.

100% Commission Real Estate

Other brokerage firms believe that South Florida real estate brokers only deserve a portion of the sales generated by the homes that they sell. If the broker only takes one percent of the home’s sell price, you might lose out on thousands of dollars throughout the year. When the real estate market drops, you need every penny that you can make. Rinker Realty offers a 100% commission real estate tier, which ensures that you make as much money as possible when you make a sale. You’re the one who puts in those long hours meeting with clients and showing customers homes, and you deserve your money. As an added bonus, you receive your commission when the sale closes. While other companies make you wait around for weeks to get your money, Rinker Realty gives you money fast.  With 100% commission real estate, you get paid what you are deserved.

Low Fees

Other South Florida real estate brokers charge you a monthly fee for access to their products and services, but you’ll never pay a cent in monthly fees or dues with Rinker. The real estate company charges a flat rate of $395 when you close a sale on a home, and you’ll pay just $75 when you close an agreement on a rental property.

Recognized Brand

Rinker Realty is a recognized brand because it is home to the best South Florida real estate brokers. Nearly everyone living in the area knows the company, and buyers and sellers will want to work with you when they see that you have a connection to that company. Rinker will also put your home listings on major portals that people use when searching for homes, which serves as free advertising for you. You never know how many people look for homes online until you gain access to this feature.

Not a Franchise

Rinker Realty is not a franchise, which means that you’ll never deal with the hassles and problems that you would as part of a franchise. A franchise is a company that charges a high fee to use its name and services, and most companies also put a large number of restrictions on franchise owners. Rinker gives you much more freedom and the chance to do your own thing. You don’t need to come in for meetings, you aren’t required to stop by the office throughout the week and the company doesn’t have a sales quota. Other companies will drop you from its system if you don’t make a certain number of sales each month or if you don’t make a specific amount of money. Rinker lets you do what you want when you want.

No Fees

In addition to its 100% commission real estate, Rinker also doesn’t charge any of its South Florida real estate brokers any hidden fees. As a member of the team, you’ll have access to big benefits, including a recognizable brand name, online listings and the freedom to work from anywhere you want to work. Between that freedom and the 100% commission real estate, Rinker is your best choice for South Florida real estate.  Please check out our partner site, Palm Beach Island Homes.

100% Commission real estate